Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Am I the only one?.. I don't think so!

I was without my internet connection for two days and it felt like my life was lost somewhere in the darkness of boredom!
   I remember the time when I didnt have internet facility at my home and life was so much easier then! We did not have to worry about logging on the net because we didnt have any! Now that I have internet,I am hooked on to it like maniac! And life has got so much complicated!
 I need to check my facebook and orkut account atleast twice a day, I need to play mafia wars online and level up everyday because my day is incomplete without it. I need to check my blog every two days and read the daily comic segment of update my facebook status and then watch the videos on youtube to which I have subscribed.It's so much work and that too very monotonous!But still the addiction doesnt wear off! I would have preferred the 80's where I did not have to worry about so much!And I know that I can change this but I just can't!
 A few more days without the net and I could have killed myself! I KNOW I NEED TO GET A BETTER LIFE BUT THIS IS THE WAY I AM AND I CANT CHANGE THAT!
Peace and Cheers to Internet!


Anonymous said...

Come on, Mrinal, you have a life. I saw those pix from the water park.

Lucy Fur said...

I completely get it. I have friends and family and etc etc and yet blogger and facebook ruins it all!i am owned!:D

Mrinal Choudhary said...

@ Supernatural Traveler:
@ Lucy: I am glad you do,it's not like we can't do anything about it but we just don't have the courage