Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tears Drops in my room. :'(

As I write this post I realize that this is the last post that I will ever write from this room. I am shifting to a new house tomorrow which is supposed to be better than this one. But I just can't get this house off my mind.
    We came to this house when I was 7 years old, now I am 17. It has been 10 long years in this house and I have so many memories related to it. This house has practically seen me growing up, seen me through my teens.
I never used to care about the house, not even gave a tiny thought to it. But now that I realize that this is the last night that I am spending here, everything seems so much better. At the moment I am cherishing every little thing in my room, doing little things like looking out the window or jumping on the cosy bed as this might be the last time I am doing these things here.
I will always be grateful to my house for making me feel safe in it's boundaries.I will be always thankful to my room for giving me the peace of mind I used to need every now and then.I will be thankful to my house for always accepting the way I am.Whenever I got fed up with my parents or friends or even life, my warm bed was always there for me waiting for me to slide in and sleep forgetting about all the worries of the world.
    My feelings at the moment are similar to the feelings of a person who knows he is gonna die soon so he starts cherishing life more than usual.He starts appreciating the small things in life that other people don't even think about. I will always miss getting up in the morning and looking at the ceiling fan or the beautiful view that I get outside my window or just lying there in the peace of my room thinking about life and other things. I will just miss everything about this house. The stairs, the escalator, my study table, my living room, my bathroom, just everything. I might be sounding a bit childish now but these feelings come directly from my heart.
 The one thing that I have learnt today that you should always cherish what you have because there will be a time when you will no longer have it. I have learnt to appreciate my life more now realizing that it can end anyday.Really full of tears while writing this article....
HOME SWEET HOME....I will miss you..  :'(

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Lady in Blue.....

It was a fun-filled day for me at my school that day.I was in 8th grade that time and we were allowed to go outside the school during lunch break to buy our meal as we didnt have canteens then.That day Raghu,Sanjay and I were planning to save our money given to us for lunch and use it for a horror movie that had recently come in our town.
We were simply thrilled by horror movies,especially hollywood ones as their gore bloody scenes made the movie worth watching.So as lunch break progressed we started feeling pretty hungry.To curb our bloody appetite we started wandering about in the market place.Soon our eyes fell on a sweet shop where the cook was frying jalebis and samosas(delicious Indian snack).Our eyes fell in love with it and our mouth couldnt stop watering. Soon it became obvious to the cook that three young boys were eyeing on his food without any intention of buying it. So he started giving us dirty looks which meant buzz off. We knew we had no choice, but to go back to school with an empty stomach and then sit through the maths class with our heads spinning around was too much for boys of our age. So we decided to stick around for some more time. What we didnt realize was that an old lady was watching our every move from a distance. And by our behaviour it was obvious that we were hungry.
     Soon the lady approached us. She looked as if she was in her 70's. She was wearing a pale blue saree , some cheap bangles and a large nose ring. She pretty much looked malnourished herself. She came close to Sanjay and told him that she wanted to take us kids for lunch at her house. When asked why she simply told us that we reminded her of her grand children and that she cannot see hungry children.
      We were more than ready to take advantage of that fact because if we hadnt, our stomach would have digested our insides! She then led us to a small cottage which was not very far from that place. The place looked as if no one had visited the house for decades. Dust had settled on every part of the house and the silence in the atmosphere was more than spine chilling. But we were not going to mess that with our appetites. She made us sit in a corner of the house which looked pretty clean compared to the rest of the cottage. By the look of the house, we were pretty sure about the kind of meal that would be served to us. But we kept hope. Something was better than nothing. We had a price to pay if we wanted to watch the movie!
     Anyways, she set three clean plates in front of us and went into the kitchen.The rest that happened truly amazed us. She brought all kinds of dishes for us including our favorite jalebis. We were more than glad to eat them all. The dishes kept coming and we kept on eating. Soon we had over eaten.After finishing the meal we suddenly realized that we were late for school and only few minutes were left for the lunch break to get over.
So we quickly washed our hands and left.We didnt even have the time to thank her for her kindness.We were lucky enough to reach the school just on time.
    After school got over,we decided to go to her house and thank her for the meal. We plucked some flowers from a nearby garden, tied them into a bundle with a piece of thread and took it along as a thank you gift. It was the least we could do.Soon we reached the cottage and to our amazement saw that the gate had a big rusted lock on it.The house seemed abandoned. We were very confused at that site as only a few hours ago we were inside it eating a delicious meal.
      We decided to ask someone about the lady.We went to a nearby shop and asked the shopkeeper if he happend to know anything about that lady.We told him about our meal and how we wanted to thank her. The shopkeeper started laughing and asked us to stop joking.When asked why he told us that the lady about whom we were talking lived in that house 80 years ago and had died long back.When asked how she died, he told us that her children had left her and went abroad for their job and she was left alone. She died with the picture of her children and grandchildren close to her chest.The cottage has been locked ever since.
        At that moment everything around us stood still..It felt as if we we plumetting into a world of darkness.Then the dawn of realization fell upon us.Now we knew how she managed to get us all kind of food inspite of being so poor.We were so foolish we didnt think about it even once at that time.It all seemed so believable.And suddenly we started feeling hungry again. Was all that food real or was it just an illusion? I can bet my life that we were not hallucinating anything and everything we felt was real.But still it seemed so unreal. We were so scared that we didnt even think of going to a horror movie that evening. We never spoke about it to anyone else. We were sure that if we did we would be declared mad and sent to a mental hospital. We will never know what happened that day and to this day the hair at the back of my neck stands up thinking about that incident.What do I call this incident? I dont know..But I surely think twice before going to anyone's place for lunch again! ;)


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Am I the only one?.. I don't think so!

I was without my internet connection for two days and it felt like my life was lost somewhere in the darkness of boredom!
   I remember the time when I didnt have internet facility at my home and life was so much easier then! We did not have to worry about logging on the net because we didnt have any! Now that I have internet,I am hooked on to it like maniac! And life has got so much complicated!
 I need to check my facebook and orkut account atleast twice a day, I need to play mafia wars online and level up everyday because my day is incomplete without it. I need to check my blog every two days and read the daily comic segment of update my facebook status and then watch the videos on youtube to which I have subscribed.It's so much work and that too very monotonous!But still the addiction doesnt wear off! I would have preferred the 80's where I did not have to worry about so much!And I know that I can change this but I just can't!
 A few more days without the net and I could have killed myself! I KNOW I NEED TO GET A BETTER LIFE BUT THIS IS THE WAY I AM AND I CANT CHANGE THAT!
Peace and Cheers to Internet!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holy shit! The god is dead!

Following my last post "How does it start and how does it end?",I was asked by a friend to write an article on the existance of god.I have given some decent thought into it.My society mainly consists of hindu people so this article is largely influenced by hinduism but I am sure people of other religion will relate to it as well!
I asked a few so called religious people about their thoughts on god.Some of the replies that I got were:
1) God is an entity who lives somewhere in the sky and he made the universe.
2)He is a supernatural being who helps us in our needs and punishes people who sin.
3)God is the one who gave us life and when we die,we go to heaven which is somewhere in the sky and hell    which is undeground.
4)God is the one who keeps track of everything in the world!
                 These are the thoughts about god that people have passed on from generations.But I wonder that how many people have actually given a thought into it and that too logically.How many people have wondered about this from the scientific point of view?
The first point about god being an entity who lives in the universe was made hundereds of years ago when people didnt know about anything beyond the earth.They didnt know about what was beyond that clear blue skies.I am talking about the time when people thought that earth was flat and you would fall off if you went to edge! These were the people who had made these theories about god and we have been accepting them ever since.Did the invention of telescope change our point of view? No.Did the first flight into space and photos of Earth change our view about it? No. Did the landing of Apollo 11 on moon change our thinking? No. Did the pictures of nebullae and galaxies across the universe change our point of view?No. What do we call it- faith or complete ignorance?
People say that god is the creator of universe.But they say this simply because they don't know who else did it.Long before,when people didnt know what sun made of,they said that god made it.But now we know it is made of hydrogen undergoing nuclear fusion.People didn't know how the cloud was formed,they said the moon god made it using threads.Now we know it consists of condensed water vapour.There are countless such examples which tell us that people tend to turn towards god when they can't think of anything else.The creation of universe is one of them.
I am in no way promoting atheism.The thing that I am trying to tell that we should have faith but we should not believe these silly stories that are told to us.It seems a bit stupid from our part to get along with these stories.These religious books of Mahabharta,Bible and Kuran have countless stories that tell us about various feats of god doing various things.These stories were written for us so that we can get inspiration from them and turn out to be a good human being, not to believe these stories and worship these gods who don't exist.
People tell me that believing in god gives them inner strenght to fight of problems.I actually applaud for these people and respect them for their faith. But some of the people try to go a step ahead and actually try to please the god.That's when stupidity comes in,you are trying to please someone that does'nt exist! Recently in India, a court sentenced 5 people to death and gave life sentence to one for brutally sacrificing a married couple for honour killing to please their god.Also,many people perform many rituals and prayers to please their god.They spend thousands on the stuff that you need to buy to perform these rituals.I can't even imagine the ways people can improve their lifestyle if  use that money to make their life better!
All that is left to say that it is upon us to decide what we think about god. Do we just believe in god and work on our inner strength or  believe these immature stories and do those silly tasks we have incorporated in our religion. You think.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

How does it start and how does it end??

I was just lazing around this afternoon when this question struck me like a grasshopper on the windscreen.
The thing that got me wondering(which I am sure has absolutely no answer except for some absurd theories) is how the hell did universe began to exist.
I mean how the fcuk did this start.Things need to start somewhere.They cannot start existing at their will.It needs a basic matter to start.For example,water got formed by mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.These elements are made from atoms and these atom are made up of protons,neutrons and stuff.These protons must be made from something.Let say,they are made from something but that something must be made from something and so on.But is there an end to this?If there is,then how was that stuff which makes everything came into existence.
Scientists say that before the Big Bang,the universe was just made of space and time.Then the question arises,"HOW WAS SPACE FORMED??". How were those empty spaces and time formed?
Time and space cannot exist without each other so they must have been created simultaneously long before the big bang.But how were they formed and what was before that?And if something was there before that then what was there before that something?
Some scientists believe that this is a continuous cycle of existence and non-existence.But then I feel,how can non-existance exist without the existance of existance because something needs to exist for something else's non-existance.
Talking about existance,the main questions that starts to exist due to this is that was there a begining to this and does it ever end?What makes stuff happen.
At this point(or long before),you people must be thinking that the answer to this is God.When Science has no answer,people tend to believe god did it.Gawd!
How did god came into existance?..Was there a f***ing beginning to all of this.
For those who can face their ignorance and turn to god can stop thinking now and for those few intellectual ones,this is something to think about.You may not find an answer because it does'nt exist!Looking for an answer may turn you into a victim of CFOD(Chill the F out disease)!

Check out my related aritcle on god,"Holy shit! The god is dead!"..and lemme know if u get an answer,though I aint expecting any!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Global warming : Are we concerned ??

"Nature, to be controlled, must be obeyed." -Francis Bacon.

There has been times when I am standing near my window looking at the chirping birds under the blanket of dawn,feeling the warmth of nature,absorbing it's beauty and wondering,"Will my grand-children be lucky enough to see them?" I, after that question, submerge into sadness(It can more accurately be described as a feeling of momentary grief)...The reason to this is because somewhere in the back of my mind I understand that inspite of knowing that we are killing nature by our bare hands, we do nothing about it and the fact that we can live with that in our conscience hurts me more.
I sometimes want to help solve the problem,help human kind by doing something about it but feel powerless enough to do so.I don't know why,but my burning need to do something about it is extinguished under the pressures of our society.The adrenalin shock I experience when I decide to do something is drowned under the fact that I am currently incapable(financially or the fact I am not as influential as Obama) of doing it.
But then I feel the need to tell people about it.I feel I need to let them know that it's time to change.Time to take these matters into our hands and do what is good for nature.
Global warming is on the rise from the past 100 years or more.Industrialization has made the condition much worse.Some people feel that it is not real.Infact 53% of all the surveyed newspaper articles about global warming tell us that it is not real.They feel that earth is going through a warming phase.But do you know that the 10 hottest temperatures ever that have hit the earth in the history of mankind is in the last 14 years.Yes, LAST 14 YEARS.And the fact that every degree rise in the temperature of the equator causes 12 degree rise to the temperatures of the pole worries me more.We need to face the facts: IF THE POLAR ICE CAP MELTS, WE ARE DOOMED!
I don't think I need to focus on these facts much because I feel you people must be quite aware of these facts thanks to the various educational programmes featured on television channels,some overhyped (India TV) .. or true facts(Nat Geo,Discovery).But there is one point I feel you people should know that there is not much difference between terrorism and global warming except the fact that when global warming will strike,we people won't be able to do anything about it.But still we treat them differently because we feel terrorism affects our near future.But if you must know,the time period it takes for the earth to get into ice age is only 9-10 years.Now that's something to think about, isn't it? I am not a scientist,nor am I some environmental hypocrite.These are the views of a 17 year old which have come straight from the heart and while I am not in the position of telling you what to do about it,my only hope is that I change the point of view of the readers about global warming.Then it is upon us to take further actions.We can't do anything about it.Concluding this, I would like to present a poem which I had written long back when I was into poetry(I called it rapping back then..:P))

Our nature,mother nature,is so very beautiful,
All the creatures living in it are so wonderful.

The herbs,the shrubs,the trees are so green,
Because mother nature was meant to be clean.
The sky is so blue,the clouds are so white,
This is mainly because the sun is so bright.

The rivers,the lakes,the streams,the oceans,
The hawks,the crows,peacocks and pigeons.
All this are a part of mother nature,
Which has blessed us with thousands of creatures.

But the best creation of the nature is us,
She gave us the power to change the world .thus,
It is our duty to protect the Earth,
Which is our home, the place of our birth.

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Learn Magic Tricks for free !! - Beginners Guide.

Ok,so here we are,you have lately been watching some street magic shows like David Blaine or more instrumental magic shows like Chris Angel and have been fascinated by it.Or maybe you saw someone do it in a party or a bar and you have been amazed by it.No matter what the reason is, now you want to learn it yourself, you want to do the trick and watch the shock your audience gets into when you do it just like when you got shocked when someone else did it.
So being a newbie,there is not much you can do.Here you wont learn the amazing feats performed by proffesional magicians(mostly because some of those tricks require you to buy the props and you want to do these tricks without spending a buck right ;) ).Here you will learn the two trickswhich are downright basic in nature (but not as easy as you think) which will guide you to the path of learning the more dificult ones.These two tricks will form the base of your other tricks.The fact is, most of the complicated stuff you see in magic is mostly a combination of multiple basic tricks performed in succesion.It's not a big deal.You just need to practice.
Ok so let's start with one of the most basic tricks in magic..The French drop coin illusion.
Its a very visual trick that takes the spectator by surprise.But this trick needs a bit of practice which I am sure you are ready to do.
Props: a coin,a wand or some stick(optional)
Take the coin and show it to the spectator.Ask him to make sure that the coin is real.Then take the coin in your right hand(doesn't matter which let's say the right hand) and hold it with your thumb and any one finger.Now take your other hand and pretend like you are grabbing the coin but in reality you just drop the coin into the palm of the hand you are holding the coin into under the cover of your other hand.The spectator will think that the coin is in your left hand but in reality the coin will be just in the palm of your right hand.Reach into your pocket with your right hand and pretend to take out a wand or a pencil or whatever suits you but drop the coin in your pocket in that process.Now tap the wand on your left hand and open it.The coin will have dissapeared!!.. Ok now this trick sounds a little complicated in writing so i am attaching a video with it so you can see how simple but visual the trick actually is!!

This video is the sole property of expert village and I am in no manner affiliated to them.This video is displayed here for educational purposes only.. ;)

Ok,now for the basic card trick..Forcing the required card to your spectator
In this trick ,no matter what card the spectator chooses,the card comes out to be the one you want it to be.There are many variations of this trick.You can first name a card and then make your spectator choose a card from the deck.No matter what card the spectator chooses,he will always choose the card you named.Or you can even do it this way;Ask your spectator to choose any four cards from the deck.No matter what card he chooses,the card turns out to be the Aces or King or whatever you want it to be!!
Know what the top card is in your deck as you prepare to force a card during a card trick.

Hold the deck of cards so that the end card is facing up. Put the first three fingers of your hand against the face of the cards while your thumb and pinkie will be against the back of the deck.
Sort through the deck with your thumb and say stop. Try to time the moment the person says "stop" when you're about half-way through the deck.

Grab the half of the deck that's nearest your thumb by lifting straight up, leaving the top card behind. It will naturally fall against the other cards. If you do this movement quickly enough, it will be undetected by the spectator, who will remain unaware you are forcing a card during a card trick.
Tell the spectator to take the top card without showing you what that card is.

Instruct the spectator to put the card back in the deck after memorizing it, then put it back in the deck.

Shuffle the cards, and then pull out the top card. In this manner you will force a card in a card trick.
Here i am attaching one more video..It shows more than one card force tricks..although the third trick is the one you should stick to because that is the one which works for me all the time!!..

These two tricks are the one you should really work on to progress into the world of magic.There are so many tricks that it is hard to post all of them here.I am linking some amazing websites that have some great magic tricks for you to work on and the best part is they are all free!!...Feel free to visit them and master the art!..Also some links to the right posted by google are also of great help..enjoy!!
1) Bartender tricks ..
this is one of the best website I have found..Currently it shows 99 tricks which are fairly easy and have a wonderful effect!
2)Classic magic tricks .. Coins,cards,cups..whatever classic magic tricks you saw but could never figure out how they are done...this is the site for you!..
3)Daily new magic videos.. The name says it all!

There are many other websites which are similar in taste but more or less offer same tricks.If there is a better website you wan't to tell me about, then feel free to send me an email..or just twitter it to me..;).. Hope you have a blast doing magic!!