Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tears Drops in my room. :'(

As I write this post I realize that this is the last post that I will ever write from this room. I am shifting to a new house tomorrow which is supposed to be better than this one. But I just can't get this house off my mind.
    We came to this house when I was 7 years old, now I am 17. It has been 10 long years in this house and I have so many memories related to it. This house has practically seen me growing up, seen me through my teens.
I never used to care about the house, not even gave a tiny thought to it. But now that I realize that this is the last night that I am spending here, everything seems so much better. At the moment I am cherishing every little thing in my room, doing little things like looking out the window or jumping on the cosy bed as this might be the last time I am doing these things here.
I will always be grateful to my house for making me feel safe in it's boundaries.I will be always thankful to my room for giving me the peace of mind I used to need every now and then.I will be thankful to my house for always accepting the way I am.Whenever I got fed up with my parents or friends or even life, my warm bed was always there for me waiting for me to slide in and sleep forgetting about all the worries of the world.
    My feelings at the moment are similar to the feelings of a person who knows he is gonna die soon so he starts cherishing life more than usual.He starts appreciating the small things in life that other people don't even think about. I will always miss getting up in the morning and looking at the ceiling fan or the beautiful view that I get outside my window or just lying there in the peace of my room thinking about life and other things. I will just miss everything about this house. The stairs, the escalator, my study table, my living room, my bathroom, just everything. I might be sounding a bit childish now but these feelings come directly from my heart.
 The one thing that I have learnt today that you should always cherish what you have because there will be a time when you will no longer have it. I have learnt to appreciate my life more now realizing that it can end anyday.Really full of tears while writing this article....
HOME SWEET HOME....I will miss you..  :'(

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mrinal,

I hope you're settled in your new home and are learning to love it as much as you loved the last one. I see you haven't written on your blog in nearly a month. Maybe you're having a summer vacation over there like college students do here. Hope you're having a good time.

You've probably heard about the terrible oil spill here in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a horrible tragedy for our section of Louisiana and will be for many years. That's been occupying my mind, so I haven't been blogging either. I'm going to try to get back to blogging this week.

I thought you were about 20 or 21 years old. I must say you're an extremely good writier for a 17-year-old. You should keep writing as you continue your engineering studies.

Best of everything to you,

The Supernatural Traveler - an old woman