I love to write poems! So I will be posting my poems in here..Check them out.!

Mother Nature  
Our nature,mother nature,is so very beautiful,
All the creatures living in it are so wonderful.

The herbs,the shrubs,the trees are so green,
Because mother nature was meant to be clean.
The sky is so blue,the clouds are so white,
This is mainly because the sun is so bright.

The rivers,the lakes,the streams,the oceans,
The hawks,the crows,peacocks and pigeons.
All this are a part of mother nature,
Which has blessed us with thousands of creatures.

But the best creation of the nature is us,
She gave us the power to change the world .thus,
It is our duty to protect the Earth,
Which is our home, the place of our birth.

Well past midnight,
In the early hours of doom,
I am waken by a spirit,
A ghost that lives in my room!

He is very playful,
More friendly than the most,
But still my room looks creepy,
cuz it's haunted by a ghost!

He usually comes by midnight,
and leaves at sight of dawn.
He says his name is Ronny,
But I just call him Ron.

He's pretty much a child at heart,
He says he died at seven.
But Alas! he is stuck at earth,
When he should be in heaven!

He wakes me up at his will,
he robs me of my peace.
So sometimes I just lock my door,
But he doesnt need the keys!

I get very tired,
cuz he wakes me up by two,
I just want throw him out,
But there's nothing I can do.

So I usually have bear with him,
And rest my ass at noon,
Cuz I am woken by a spirit,
A ghost that lives in my room!