Sunday, March 28, 2010

How does it start and how does it end??

I was just lazing around this afternoon when this question struck me like a grasshopper on the windscreen.
The thing that got me wondering(which I am sure has absolutely no answer except for some absurd theories) is how the hell did universe began to exist.
I mean how the fcuk did this start.Things need to start somewhere.They cannot start existing at their will.It needs a basic matter to start.For example,water got formed by mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.These elements are made from atoms and these atom are made up of protons,neutrons and stuff.These protons must be made from something.Let say,they are made from something but that something must be made from something and so on.But is there an end to this?If there is,then how was that stuff which makes everything came into existence.
Scientists say that before the Big Bang,the universe was just made of space and time.Then the question arises,"HOW WAS SPACE FORMED??". How were those empty spaces and time formed?
Time and space cannot exist without each other so they must have been created simultaneously long before the big bang.But how were they formed and what was before that?And if something was there before that then what was there before that something?
Some scientists believe that this is a continuous cycle of existence and non-existence.But then I feel,how can non-existance exist without the existance of existance because something needs to exist for something else's non-existance.
Talking about existance,the main questions that starts to exist due to this is that was there a begining to this and does it ever end?What makes stuff happen.
At this point(or long before),you people must be thinking that the answer to this is God.When Science has no answer,people tend to believe god did it.Gawd!
How did god came into existance?..Was there a f***ing beginning to all of this.
For those who can face their ignorance and turn to god can stop thinking now and for those few intellectual ones,this is something to think about.You may not find an answer because it does'nt exist!Looking for an answer may turn you into a victim of CFOD(Chill the F out disease)!

Check out my related aritcle on god,"Holy shit! The god is dead!"..and lemme know if u get an answer,though I aint expecting any!


Supernatural Traveler said...


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Mrinal Choudhary said...

I would love to hear your opinion on it..:)