Friday, March 5, 2010

Global warming : Are we concerned ??

"Nature, to be controlled, must be obeyed." -Francis Bacon.

There has been times when I am standing near my window looking at the chirping birds under the blanket of dawn,feeling the warmth of nature,absorbing it's beauty and wondering,"Will my grand-children be lucky enough to see them?" I, after that question, submerge into sadness(It can more accurately be described as a feeling of momentary grief)...The reason to this is because somewhere in the back of my mind I understand that inspite of knowing that we are killing nature by our bare hands, we do nothing about it and the fact that we can live with that in our conscience hurts me more.
I sometimes want to help solve the problem,help human kind by doing something about it but feel powerless enough to do so.I don't know why,but my burning need to do something about it is extinguished under the pressures of our society.The adrenalin shock I experience when I decide to do something is drowned under the fact that I am currently incapable(financially or the fact I am not as influential as Obama) of doing it.
But then I feel the need to tell people about it.I feel I need to let them know that it's time to change.Time to take these matters into our hands and do what is good for nature.
Global warming is on the rise from the past 100 years or more.Industrialization has made the condition much worse.Some people feel that it is not real.Infact 53% of all the surveyed newspaper articles about global warming tell us that it is not real.They feel that earth is going through a warming phase.But do you know that the 10 hottest temperatures ever that have hit the earth in the history of mankind is in the last 14 years.Yes, LAST 14 YEARS.And the fact that every degree rise in the temperature of the equator causes 12 degree rise to the temperatures of the pole worries me more.We need to face the facts: IF THE POLAR ICE CAP MELTS, WE ARE DOOMED!
I don't think I need to focus on these facts much because I feel you people must be quite aware of these facts thanks to the various educational programmes featured on television channels,some overhyped (India TV) .. or true facts(Nat Geo,Discovery).But there is one point I feel you people should know that there is not much difference between terrorism and global warming except the fact that when global warming will strike,we people won't be able to do anything about it.But still we treat them differently because we feel terrorism affects our near future.But if you must know,the time period it takes for the earth to get into ice age is only 9-10 years.Now that's something to think about, isn't it? I am not a scientist,nor am I some environmental hypocrite.These are the views of a 17 year old which have come straight from the heart and while I am not in the position of telling you what to do about it,my only hope is that I change the point of view of the readers about global warming.Then it is upon us to take further actions.We can't do anything about it.Concluding this, I would like to present a poem which I had written long back when I was into poetry(I called it rapping back then..:P))

Our nature,mother nature,is so very beautiful,
All the creatures living in it are so wonderful.

The herbs,the shrubs,the trees are so green,
Because mother nature was meant to be clean.
The sky is so blue,the clouds are so white,
This is mainly because the sun is so bright.

The rivers,the lakes,the streams,the oceans,
The hawks,the crows,peacocks and pigeons.
All this are a part of mother nature,
Which has blessed us with thousands of creatures.

But the best creation of the nature is us,
She gave us the power to change the world .thus,
It is our duty to protect the Earth,
Which is our home, the place of our birth.

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